ferrets as pets

How To Keep Ferrets as Pets – Everything You Need to Know

Thinking of keeping a ferret as a pet but don’t really know what to expect, or where to start? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! At Furry Little Pet™ it is our mission to provide potential ferret owners with all the information they need about keeping ferrets as pets. What are Ferrets? The …


exercising your ferret

The Importance of Exercising Your Ferret

Ferrets are very curious and they love to explore new territory. You would want your pet to be healthy and this is possible only if your ferret gets plenty of exercise. That’s right. The key to a healthy pet is to keep him active. The good news is that exercising your ferret is easy as …


Foods You Should Never Feed Your Ferret

5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Ferret

Ferrets are mischievous and active pets that are easy to keep happy. As a responsible pet owner, it is imperative you familiarize yourself with your pet’s dietary and nutritional needs. Ferrets are carnivorous animals hence their digestive systems are only designed to deal with meat. If you feed your Ferret the wrong kind of food …


ferret for a pet

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Ferret For a Pet

Ferrets are different. They are playful, mischievous and entertaining little furry mammals that can bring endless enjoyment to their owners. What’s good about these cuddly creatures is that they can be taken out of the cages and you can play with them. Thinking of bringing a ferret home? Here are top ten reasons why you …


ferret shots

Importance of Ferret Shots

Although they are considered small animals compared to other commonly domesticated animals like dogs and cats, ferrets are strongly built. They are fun and always on the go. However, ferrets require proper nutrition and care to maintain overall good health. Similar to humans, ferrets are susceptible to several sicknesses and diseases that must be given …


Maintaining Proper Ferret Hydration

Importance of Maintaining Proper Ferret Hydration

One of the most important organs of your pet ferret is its skin, which is also the largest. The primary function of the skin is to protect your ferret’s organs from injury and infection, as well as maintain proper body temperature. Similar to most mammals, ferret’s skin is made up of multiple layers. The outermost …


effects of poor diet in ferrets

5 Effects of Poor Diet in Ferrets

Unlike most animals, ferrets have special dietary needs that must be given at all times to maintain proper health and prevent various medical conditions. Ferrets are obligate carnivores, which means that they need a constant supply of protein from meat products for their body to function properly. The majority of their diet must be composed …


albino ferrets

Albino Ferrets: Why Choose One

Ferrets are quickly becoming one of the best choices when picking a new family pet. In addition to being highly interactive, ferret’s mesmerizing physical attractiveness makes it an irresistible companion pet. If you are looking for extra special color, an albino ferret might be the perfect option. Let us take a look at some facts …


toilet training your ferret

Toilet Training your Ferret

Raising a ferret certainly brings lots of fun and lasting memories. From having a loyal companion who is always by your side, to sharing many experiences that you have with your pet ferret soon becomes an important part of your life. However, owning a ferret involves responsibilities and proper toilet training your ferret is one …


bathing your ferret

Bathing your Ferret: The Definitive Guide

Bathing your ferret (or ferrets) doesn’t have to be an ordeal. No, really. Stop laughing! We’ve all gone through at least one ferret-washing episode where the soaped-up ferret ends up clinging to the top of our heads, nails firmly embedded in our delicate scalp skin. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are …


ferret colors and patterns

Ferret Colors and Patterns

Those who own ferrets know that these creatures come in a range of colors and you have to educate yourself about ferret colors if you are planning to admit your pet in an event or a show. The American Ferret Association (AFA) refers to the color and pattern of a ferret when describing its appearance. …